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PC comes on all by itself - VIRUS ATTACK?

PC comes on all by itself - VIRUS ATTACK?
WCS.Tony - Sun Nov 08, 2009 @ 10:06PM
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Can you please help me my laptop keeps powering up all by itself.
I turn it off and a bit latter I come back to find that it has urned itself back on again. My friend says that I have a virus and I should reformat and reinstal Vista.

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1. WCS.Tony   |   Sun Nov 08, 2009 @ 10:13PM


Do not delete anything, you MAY have a virus attack. Are there any other symptoms, pop ups, strange warnings, unknown applications and icons popping up?

Does this "restart" only happen when you are connected to a network (a router / internet box). Usually this is caused by a network sending messages to your PC (or any attached device) saying "Hello". If you have the WAKE ON LAN set, the your PC will wake up whenever it receives a message on the network.

I suspect that this is the problem.
Do not panic and reinstall Windows as this will cause you a lot of work and grief.
In my opinion it is far better to track down the fault and fix that rather than using the old sledge hammer. Would you buy a new car when you have a puncture?

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