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Epson SX200 SX218 (all-in-one) installation problems on an Acer with VISTA

Epson SX200 SX218 (all-in-one) installation problems on an Acer with VISTA
WCS.Tony - Fri Nov 26, 2010 @ 03:26AM
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A couple of times now I have experienced problems installing Epson printers on Vista machines. Both times it was on ACER computers that were running perfectly well and had older printers installed, the customers had just decided to upgrade to an all-in-one.

I inserted the Epson installation CD and followed their instructions.

Both time I then got an error from Vista saying that it could not install the drivers for the scanner, the printer was working fine. Device manager showed the scanned with a yellow exclamation mark.

Windows encountered a problem installing install the driver software for your device.

I tried updating the driver and loads of other things but everything failed with the same error.

Vista error

The first time I encountered this almost two years ago and it was a new range of printers and a brand new ACER with Vista. I assumed that there were some initial problems with Vistadrivers so I called their "Help Desk" at 10p a minute.

I strongly resent having to pay Epson 10p to tell them their printer was not working, but I had no choice not even with SAYNOTO0870.

They were totally useless all they could suggest, each time I called, was to download the latest software and try again. By my 53rd installation I had enough and told them.

He then told me it was a Microsoft problem and to call them?

I did (even more cost) to be told that it was nothing to do with Microsoft as they do not support OEM, they asked me to call ACER.

Guess what ACER said? Yes - talk to EPSON!

So back to Epson - not our problem, take it back to the shop.

As this fiasco had now been going on for weeks, over the Christmas holidays, the customer was a bit unsure about returning the used printer without packaging to the shop. He had also bought a whole bag full of printer cartridges for it. So I persevered.

Looking at the “Problem Reports and Solutions” showed loads of errors, but nothing useful.

Then I had a look at the growing C:\Windows\inf\setupapi.dev.log.

YES– there near the end

     flq:            Tagfile      - [\win51ic.sp3]
     flq:            Description  - [Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 3 CD]
     flq:            SourcePath   - [C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\sti.inf_0bb72b9f\g]
    flq:            SourceFile   - [usbscan.sys]
     flq:            Flags        - 0x00000000
     flq:      {SPFILENOTIFY_NEEDMEDIA - exit(0x00000000)}
!!!  flq:        Error 2: The system cannot find the file specified.

It was trying to install usbscan.sys from the directory on the line above.

But hold on C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\sti.inf_0bb72b9f was there but no \g?

Tried to create a \g directory and copy the missing file to it from the directory above (which had it?).
This caused problems as I (Administrator) did not have permissions to this folder.
So right click on the folder and added permissions to my user.
Now I could finally create \g and copied ALL the files from the directory above.
Rebooted just in case and reran the installation file I had downloaded from EPSON.
Finally after umpteen attempts the installation completed without any errors and asked me to reboot.

Vista would not then shut down, which had me worried and I was forced to press the off switch.
Rather worryingVista then failed to boot and we did a Recover which much to my relief worked.
NOTE that I did NOT roll back when it asked me, otherwise all my hard work would have been lost.
After what seemed hours (minutes) Vista loaded and the print and scan both worked!

So in January 2009 I wrote all this down and sent all my logs, notes and suggestions to EPSON.
With the hope that they could update their installation executables (if ACER xxx, do this) and more to the point so that their Help desk could help the next poor Epson customer who phoned up.

I asked for some recompense to MY customer who obviously had to pay me to sort out their failure with Epson. We heard no more.

Imagine my surprise this week (Nov 2010) when a customer bought an Epson SX218 and asked me to install it on his Acer running Vista. Once again it failed; once again I called Epson “Help” Desk.
Does the printer COPY?
Well yes but I cannot install the driver.
That is a problem with your PC, please call ACER – Bye.

Nothing on their web site for this problem.
I tried downloading the latest drivers / installation from their web site nothing.

Then I remember that other Epson two years ago.
Same problem, similar solution.

Is this what Epson call user friendly?

If you are having problems installing an Epson all-in-one call Epson and complain.
Tell them about this website, or better still if you live in my area – CALL ME!
I can always do with the work, well at least with the money.

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