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Apcom Digiscribble pen - HELP

Apcom Digiscribble pen - HELP
WCS.Tony - Sun Aug 07, 2011 @ 08:20AM
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Well today I'm asking for help from all of you.

I have been using my Apcom Digiscribble pen for about 2 years, no problems. I tend to use this pen to write or draw on my computer and the excellent Dane-Elec ZPEN for taking notes when I'm away from my PCs.

Last week I  bougt some new batteries and a pack of refills, which fitted perfectly and worked. After testing, as the old refill still had ink, I then tried to put it back in and to replace the batteries.

I removed the batteries and the new refill and pushed the old refill back in.
I then attempted to replace the batteries only to find that they would not go in.
The inner tube had somehow moved up and was now flush with the top of the pen, rather than having a space for the batteries. After a bit of head scratching I decided to push the batteries in one by one, which seemed to fix the problem and move the inner sleeve back down.

After screwing the top back on I noticed that the refill had popped out about 1cm so I tried to push it back in. It will not go, I feel it "grab" and there is a bit of resistance but will not go in fully. I tried a new refill, the original refill or the plastic scribe point that came with the pen. NONE of them will now go in, the only way to get them in is to unscrew the top and then the batteries pop out again.

The pen still works, with the refill sticking out 1cm, but it does not register when you press down (no give). To write I have to hold the button on the pen.

I think I must have moved something inside the pen when I inserted the refill with the batteries out and it has not gone back properly.

Does anyone have any idea what I could do?
Or how to dismantle (and reassemble) the pen?
Any SERVICE manuals?

As I said before HELP, please.


I contacted the online store I purchased it from but they just keep referring me to the manual and asking if I had the right batteries / refills. Eventually I managed to get through to them that I had the right battery and refills and enough brain cells to know how to insert them into the pen. All they could suggest was that I send it in for repair ££££££££.

I then posted this question here http://www.expansys.in/ft.aspx?k=125701&page=1 but so far no reply. The previous blogger had been trying to download the software / CD for the Digscribble > http://www.pegatech.com/?CategoryID=230


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