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FireFox 6 issues

FireFox 6 issues
WCS.Tony - Thu Sep 22, 2011 @ 10:18AM
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I was looking at some Google Maps when all of a sudden my PC began to slow down considerably.

When I looked at my Task Manager I noticed that the usual 160MB that Firefox uses had shot up to over 300. I closed it down, which took quite a while, ran SpeedyFox and tried again – same results.

I then tried the Firefox 9 Beta and it is much the same. As always looking at Google Maps Earth view is almost impossible in Firefox, if you move the map it takes ages to get the new aerial view.

The Google Map problem has been reported by loads of users
                                                 – Firefox fix IGNORE IT.
Memory usage far too high      – Firefox fix IGNORE IT.
Close Firefox often takes ages – Firefox fix IGNORE IT.
Excessive disk I/O write           – Firefox fix IGNORE IT.

The suggestions I’ve seen are that add-ons cause these problems, the PC is not fast enough, you need more memory, it’s Google’s fault….

  • Over the past year I have been forced to KILL Firefox in my Task Manager more and more often.
  • To run CCleaner and SpeedyFox more and more often to try and improve performance.
  • Spend ages searching through the web to find fixes for Firefox problems.

Well I for one have given up – using Google Chrome with Adblock Plus, LastPass and Xmarks (same as on Firefox). Google maps zoom across the landscape with barely a pause and memory usage is much lower than using Firefox. The program opens and closes faster than Firefox, uses less memory and so far I have not seen huge I/O writes. AND I run this on the same PC!

I have been using Firefox for years and always rated it as the best browser. Thanks to Firefox leading the way the other browsers have been forced to improve and adopt some of Firefox’s excellent features (Add-Ons). But have Firefox stopped listening to us their users?

Yes great we have Firefox 3, 4... 6… 9  ……… loads and loads of releases making it faster and with  new features.  But how about listening to your users and actually fixing things that they see as problems. We do not all have fast new computers with expensive graphics cards, fast drives and loads of memory.
How about catering for us the huge bulk of your users?

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