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KODAK ESP 5250 all-in-one printer not found on WiFi

KODAK ESP 5250 all-in-one printer not found on WiFi
WCS.Tony - Fri Oct 21, 2011 @ 08:44AM
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Well this one caused me a few problems, another customer who cannot install a printer.

Peter is quite competent on PCs and bought this Kodak printer, he followed the installation instructions to the letter and everything seemed fine. BUT he could only print (or scan) using the USB cable. As he had bought this printer because it was WiFi capable, he was not too happy with this.

He called KODAK support, which I'm afraid, just made Peter suicidal, and after many "happy" hours on the phone he could still not print via WiFi.

After a couple of phone calls to me he tried a few things and reinstalled the printer software . . . . . many times.

Eventually I arrived and looked at the printer, it was connected to Peter's WiFi and the network settings seemed fine. His son's laptop could ALWAYS print via WiFi (Vista) but his Windows 7 PC could not.

I opened the Kodak Printer Tools and tried to find the WiFi printer, nothing I could do would even find the printer. All I could see was the USB connection, even though his son's laptop could print via WiFi. The Kodak software asked me to connect the USB cable (it was already there) when I tried to force it to find the WiFi connection. I unplugged the USB (ding) and plugged it in to another USB port (ding) and I waited and waited. The NEXT button remained grayed out no matter how long I waited.

I uninstalled the entire Kodak system, cleaned up the PC and rebooted, then installed it all again from the CD. Same result we can only print via USB and I cannot select the WiFi printer with the Kodak software.

Disconnected the USB cable and printed out the network settings on the printer (you can just display them on the screen). The printer icon on the PC then grayed out as it was no longer available to Windows. I then opened the USB printer's properties and clicked on the PORTS, the USB was ticked. Now create a new port, standard TCP/IP port and enter the IP address from the printer's network settings. The Kodak printer did not appear in the pull down list so I left it as Generic Network Card and completed the changes.

After a few seconds the printer icon came back in full glossy BLACK, no longer grayed out. I can finally print via the WiFi!

You may need to repeat this procedure as the router may change the IP address of the printer. Some routers let you lock the IP address to a specific device / MAC address - Peter's router did not.

Once again I am disgusted by the quality of the printer installation software, and Kodak are not alone. We all accept that there may be some software problems but why is there nothing about this problem on Kodak's support system and why did the phone call to their help desk not resolve this issue?

This is supposed to be a customer installed product?



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