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PC not booting

PC not booting
WCS.Tony - Mon Nov 09, 2009 @ 03:44AM
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From ZW

My PC no longer boots up, it gets as far as the XP splash screen and just sits there. I've tried SAFE mode and other option but nothing works.


Usually this is caused by missing or corrupt files in your Windows XP.
This can happen due to viruses, more likelly their REMOVAL, damaged disk drive or powering down the PC without shutting down.

Are you getting any error messages or BSOD ?
Sorry Blue Screen of Death, error message from XP in a blue scree Google BSOD.

  1. Check your hard disk - you will need to either remove the HDD and put it in a working PC or get a bootable utility for CD or USB drive.
  2. Some PCs have a built in function (e.g. F11) or use the Windows CD and CHKDSK.
  3. If the disk is OK I would then try a SFC from Windows.
  4. Should it still not boot after that I would try a REPAIR installation of Windows.

Please be carefull and before you do anything backup your hard disk drive or you could loose all your data. Under no circumstances do a "return to factory defaults" as most PC manufacturers tell you. This will do exactly what it says and your PC will be back to the day when you first got it. No extra software that you installed over the years, no Internet settings, no data files. You will also loose all your saved passwords to all your websites.

Thanks Tony

I have loads of expensive programs (MS Office, PSP and some ones from work).
Added to that I have YEARS of files, photos, documents and emails that I do not want to loose.

How long would it take and how much would it cost for you to sort it out.




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