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WCS.Tony - Sun Nov 15, 2009 @ 02:53AM
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Picasa 3.5 (moving faces / people detection to another PC)

Well yesterday I installed Picasa 3.5 on my laptop and copied all my photos from My Pictures, on my desk top PC, to C:\FromCompaq\My Pictures.
I then turned on the People option:
. . . . TOOLS > OPTIONS > Name Tags  > tick Enable Face Detection.

I had spent many a happy hour adding names to every single face in all my photographs. This is a rather nice feature available in Picasa 3.5 and it enables me to find all the photos for Aunty Mary, or to remember who that guy on the back row of a wedding photo. As each directory in the original My Pictures had a new file, created after naming all the people in my photos, I rather stupidly assumed that all my “People” names would magically appear on my laptop. NO!

When I look at the Picasa.ini file:


So this file does not contain the “people” details just where the face is and I assume a link to a database entry. This database appears to be in
C:\Documents and Settings\your usere name\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Picasa2\db3

So back to the laptop which after several hours face scanning had found every single face, but no names. Not even when I logged in to my online Picasa albums, which I thought might help.

Surely that would be a good central place to store name / face details?
So first of all I created a copy of the DB3 directory on my laptop.
I then copied the DB3 directory from my desk PC to my laptop.
Obviously all this was done with both PICASAs turned off.

Restarting PICASA on my laptop and all of a sudden all my faces and their names appeared under People. But unfortunately no numbers in the brackets (n) – so it knew who they were, but not where.

I waited to see if Picasa did anything, NO.

When I looked at the folders Picasa was scanning it was only looking at the directories that my desktop knew about. So I added my C:\ C:\FromCompaq\My Pictures and it started looking at the photos there.
If you copied the files into My Pictures you would probably not need to do this.

Again it seems to be taking quite a while, but slowly numbers are appearing next to each face.

Would have been nice if GOOGLE had though about how to do this.
Usually their software and services are excellent.
Mind you I still love Picasa and recommend it to all my customers.

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