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Google PICASA photo upload fails from Android

Google PICASA photo upload fails from Android
WCS.Tony - Sat Mar 23, 2013 @ 12:42PM
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I have been using various Apps to upload photographs from my Android phone  to Picasa for months. Suddenly, the last week or so, all my uploads (shares) start uploading, reach 100% and then fails with:

Service error

Whatever I try all I get is Failed Service error.

I've checked my settings - Google ID and folder name everything looks fine.

I've tried:

  • Sending to different folders              -  Fails
  • Retry sending over several days         -  Fails
  • Different PICASA user                       -  Fails
  • Re-install app                              -  Fails
  • Clear app settings and re-enter     -  Fails

I have searched the Internet and it looks like many users are getting this problem, but nothing from Google. I've re-installed my QuickPics and reset the built in Gallery several times but they refuse to upload anything.

Some users find that The Perfect Tool for Picasa app works, but I have not tried it.I have enough picture viewers as it is.

I can however confirm that the Photo Sync app is still working, silently uploading any new photos I take to my Picasa album.

Come on Google, own up, what have you done?
And how can we fix this problem.





Your application has been working and uploading photos to my PICASA - no problem.
However during the last week or so all my uploads (shares) start uploading then fail with:
Service error
I've checked my settings - Google ID and folder name.
I've tried resending (many times)
Sending to different folders X
Sending over several days X
Even a different PICASA X
It seems to start uploading, gets to 100% and then Failed, Service error.
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