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How to search SAVED items in Feedly

How to search SAVED items in Feedly
WCS.Tony - Mon Jun 03, 2013 @ 08:53AM
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This is ridiculous - the ONLY reason for using a reader like FEEDLY is to be able to save and then find items from multiple sources. Removing the search feature is mad and I for one is looking for another Google Reader alternative that does.

But there is a way round this missing search feature, a SOLUTION - for now.

Some people have claimed typing
,on the Feedly screen, and then
       "search term" in my feedly
does search your saved items, I for one had no luck with this.

The only way I could search through my old saved items was to click on Saved For Latter, or wherever area you want to search - you could click on ALL. Now scroll down - use the mouse wheel, click on the scroll bar or Page Down etc. You will see more and more saved items appear in your browser, keep doing this for as long as you need.

There is no date on the screen but you can always open the bottom item to see the date it was written. When you have reached the end, or gone as far back as you want, open the search in your web browser.

CTRL+F to search in your browser, I use Firefox, then enter your "search term" (no quotes) at the bottom of the screen.

It will then go to the next occurrence of that search term and you can click the down arrow to go to the next. So we are not searching the feedly saved database, but we are searching our saved items that have been displayed on this page.

Note that you will only be searching in items that have been displayed in your browser, so the more you scroll down the more saved items you will be searching through. It does not search all the items in your Saved for Latter; just the items that you have loaded into, in this case, Firefox.

NOT IDEAL - but it works for now.




Well FEEDLY have now created their own web cloud and are no longer relying on Google Reader which is ending soon and they have dropped the need to use an addon.

But still no search function.
The laborious manual search above still works, but when I have 6000+ entries it is just not very usable. Yes I HAD to use it a few weeks ago as that was the only way to find an article I needed but it is just not feasible for everyday use.


1) Try, the now FREE, FeedDemon Pro - install and point to Google Reader and it will download all the starred items and searching (even off line) is simple and fast.

2) Join the excellent IFTTT and POCKET you can then run a "recipe"
Feedly's Save For Later to Pocket  https://ifttt.com/recipes/99550
and / or
Save starred items from Google Reader to Pocket
You can then easily search your POCKET  http://getpocket.com/a/queue/list/.

Hopefully those nice people at FEEDLY will now have time, and the inclination, to give us a search function.




Well we were certainly spoilt for choice with Google Reader alternatives.
I think, for once, Goggle have made a grave error of judgment here.
With so many willing customers how could they turn their back on the adverts?
Not to mention that Google could find out exactly what I am interested in by following my Starred items and feeds, this information would be worth a hell of a lot to other companies.


But back to the alternatives, I was having great problems keeping my starred items online and searching. As I move around and have several PC, laptops etc I need this mine of information online – not on my home PC.


I have just discovered http://www.g2reader.com it looks good, works great and I can do SEARCHES. If only it had allowed me to import my starred.json it would have been my 100% favourite. But for now this seems my ideal solution. I’m sure that after a few months my old starred items will no longer be of much use of interest to me.

NO – actually some of them are good reference material, but I can always find them in POCKET.

Up to now my favourite had been FEEDLY but we are still waiting for a search function and you can only upload about 1000 starred items. But I will keep watching as I’ve grown very  used to it and it has an Android App.


The only other searchable reader was http://theoldreader.com
But it’s so SLOW.


I am also looking at http://www.redtreereader.com/ as it has a starred.json upload facility. It did not work for my huge starred file, but did manage to upload a cut down version. Not sure If I could upload several starred.json files made from “chunks” of my main file? But unfortunately, once again, NO SEARCH, so not much point uploading them.


One interesting side effect of  trying out all the readers was that I was constantly clicking on STARRED on different reader alternative pages, trying to keep them all up to date. Well I have not solved this but found an interesting “solution” – I hope. I made my POCKET file available as a RSS feed , click on OPTIONS > remove PRIVACY (no password) and linked all my readers to All items Feed.


So, for now, I star the items in FEEDLY.
IFTTT then picks them up and sends them to POCKET.
Those starred items are then available as a RSS feed
to all my other Google Reader alternatives.
I now have a feed, in ALL the Google Reader alternatives,
where all my newly “starred” items are shown.






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