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Android Device Manager - NO ACTIVE DEVICES

Android Device Manager - NO ACTIVE DEVICES
WCS.Tony - Wed Aug 14, 2013 @ 10:41AM
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Well, I must admit that I am getting more and more annoyed by Google.

Once upon a time they were "my friends" and could do no wrong, now they are turning into another Microsoft or Apple. They seem to think they know best and whatever they do or change we will accept.

I was glad to hear that they were adding a location service to Android. There are plenty of alternatives out there: Cerberus, Lookout, Prey ..... but this one was GOOGLE.

I tried it when it first came out - nothing, so I waited assuming my old phone had "not been done" yet.
Finally when it was out to EVERYONE, and I still could not get it, I explored the problem further.
As usual no hint of an issue on Google's web sites, and no real help or instruction.

I noticed that my Google Play was not up to date, I thought it updated automatically?
I could not find any update button for Google Play or Google Settings? In the end I was forced to log onto PLAY, on my PC, and INSTALL Google Play again to my phone. FINALLY it updated and I could now see the fabled Android Device Manager in my Google Settings. But no - still no active devices when I tried to locate my phone.

I tried all kinds of resets, reboots and much swearing - none helped.

Then I found this web site http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2397653

If your Android device doesn't appear in Android Device Manager, or if you see Unknown location despite your device being online and running Google Play services version 3.2.25 or higher, follow these steps:

1. Open Google Settings from your device's apps menu.
2. Touch Android Device Manager.
3. Uncheck Allow remote factory reset.
4. Go to your device's main Settings menu, then touch Apps > All > Google Play services.
5. Touch Clear Data. Note that this action doesn't remove personal data.
6. Go back to Google Settings and select Allow remote factory reset.
7. Restart your device.

Make sure you follow the directiions exactly or it won't work

Followed the instructions CAREFULLY and reboot the phone.

AT LAST - my phone appeared on the map in

Thank you GOOGLE for making it so easy?

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