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WCS.Tony - Mon Dec 23, 2013 @ 07:51AM
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Hi, and a Merry Christmas to all my customers.

I have been receiving several panicking inquires about this new and highly destructive virus or rather RANSOMWARE. For those of you that have not heard, CRYPTOLOCKER has attacked over 250,000 machines ... so far.
Well - I can now protect your PC.

Once in your computer it quietly starts encrypting your files and when it has finished a message pops up asking you for $300 to get the key to recover your data files.
Yes I can stop and remove the infection .
But NO, neither I or anyone else can unencrypt your files.

You have to:

  • Recover them from a back up
    (that was NOT connected to your PC during the infection),
  • OR - pay the pirates and pray that they honour the agreement.

Having studied the current infection I can however make some changes to your PC that will prevent the encryption in the first place.
Should you want this peace of mind I can now do this for you and also give you some hints and tips on avoiding this type of infection.
I cannot guarantee that Cryptolocker, a variant or a similar infection will not evolve to get past this defense.
But I am sure that the current Cryptolocker infection will be stopped.
So if you want peace of mind call me - 01784 434 458 or 07883 062 986

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