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AVAST 2015 - constant CPU usage and high disk reads

AVAST 2015 - constant CPU usage and high disk reads
WCS.Tony - Wed Feb 11, 2015 @ 06:36PM
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I have been using my old XP laptop for many years, usually to look at the web of for the odd email - and it does a great job.

Last week, however, I started noticing that AvastSvc.exe seems to be running constantly at 16 to 19% CPU. I have installed Avast FREE on many computers over the years and have never seen this before. Well not without a virus or another antivirus running.

I quickly checked for malware and did a full boot scan - CLEAN. As this is my laptop I am sure that I removed the previous antivirus programs properly, but had a quick check as well - OK. I am fairly familiar with the running tasks on this laptop, and no new or unknown tasks were running. A quick check with the new AUTORUNS / VirusTotal confirmed that everything was as it should be and no virus.

I assumed that one of the many new Tools that Avast are so fond of including must have been let in when I manually installed Avast. But no everything seemed OK. I tried removing any unecessaty options but the CPU remained around 19%. Avast, like many other antivirus / malware programs I USED to use, keep adding more and more rubbish to the basic antivirus. BUT THAT WAS NOT THE PROBLEM.

By now the disk IO read had gone into the BILLIONS and my poor old HDD's LED was constantly flashing. Why had I not noticed that before? The only way to stop the CPU and constant reads was to stop the File System Shield for 10 minutes - CPU %. Turn it back on and the CPU was back at 19% and the disk reads started again. As looking at my File system is a fairly basic requirement for my antivirus I searched for another solution.

I was just downloading the Avast removal tool and the latest version of Avast to reinstall it. Then I had a final look at my running tasks. I decided to kill tasks one at a time to see if anything was causing Avast to react like this. I killed TeamWare which was running in the background, I had problems with the laptop graphics last year and used this to connect from my desktop and change the graphic settings. Anyhow as soon as I killed TeamViewer, AvastSvc.exe went down to 0% CPU (zero) and no reads.


I rebooted and the AvastSvc CPU remained at ZERO.
Start TeamViewer - CPU back to 19% and the HDD LED flickering again.
Kill TeamViewer and we are back to "normal" with 0% CPU.

If only I knew WHY?

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