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Windows Update not working on Windows 7 - BITS not running

Windows Update not working on Windows 7 - BITS not running
WCS.Tony - Wed Sep 02, 2015 @ 03:30PM
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A huge thanks to Philby E McGee at http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/581470/ba...

My Windows Updates began failing about 10 days ago and I've tried just about everything on the web including various Microsoft Fix Its, SFC, SCFix, register / unregister various services, batch files, registry files - nothing would allow me to start BITS or get new updates.

Never mind I will update my Windows 7 to the amazing new Windows 10
But I could not do that either!
Windows seemed to be using the update service to do the upgrade.
Or rather failing to, on my laptop.

I contacted the Microsoft online help (saying that Windows Update was the problem) and after over an hour of fiddling about on my computer he updated the BIOS (without asking me). Once again I mentioned that I thought it was my Windows Update problem.
NO - He then proclaimed that I had a "driver issue" - "Contact ACER".
Which driver I asked - no reply.
Could we not just update to Windows 10 from scratch and replace ALL drivers?


I gave up and after cooling down I tried several very complicated and time consuming repairs - or rather NOT repairs.
Then I saw this simple solution all I did was create a new registry key:
Straight away I was able to start BITS, the first time in nearly two weeks.
I started Windows Updates and applied 23 of them.

Now I am waiting for my Windows 10.
"We'll let you know when this upgrade is ready to be installed on this PC".
I can hardly wait.

Once again a great big THANK YOU :bananas::thumbsup::bananas:

By the ways BITS is Background Intelligent Transfer Service.

Windows 10 became available soon after and installed with no problem.

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