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I had a phone call from MICROSOFT

I had a phone call from MICROSOFT
WCS.Tony - Thu Mar 24, 2016 @ 12:17PM
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It really is about time that our police and BT did something about these scams.

Hardly a month goes by when I don't get a call from someone AFTER they had a call from Microsoft.
My usual reply is "How do you know it was Microsoft?" - because they said so.
Just to be clear Microsoft do not call up users at random, hang up and report it to the police and BT.

The other similar issue is when people search for help online, quite often the entry at the top of the search page is "fake" and pretend to be from Apple or Microsoft of whoever. Once again "How do you know who they are?". I had people sign up for 3 years worth of "excellent" help from "Apple" or with free 24 hour support from a "Microsoft company". BE CAREFUL!

The standard "I'm from Microsoft and you have a problem with your computer" does not in itself cause you any problems. The problems come when you allow then access to your computer or give them your bank / credit card details. Usually they add some programs to your PC so that they have access to it, sends them your username and passwords or even lock it up unless you pay them. And rest assured they WILL want payment to "fix" the computer that was working fine before they call.

One young chap (it is usually the more elderly ones that get caught by these evil people) assured me that he had allowed them into his laptop, but had refused to pay them. I was rather surprised that he got off without paying but removed all the various malware and viruses that were now slowing down his laptop. There were also some proxy settings and remote monitoring programs that I removed and installed Avast FREE for him as his Norton has expired years ago and he had never renewed the contract. There are several good FREE antiviruses that you can use.

Anyhow after all that I returned his laptop and he asked me if I would taker a cheque from his wife. I was a bit surprised so I enquired and apparently his bank account seems to be empty - must be a mistake. I assured him it was probably NOT and to call his bank at once. They had got hold of his bank details even though he assured me that he had not given it out.


If you get a phone call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft - HANG UP.
If you get a phone call from anyone claiming to be from company-x - how do you know they are who they say they are.
If you are not sure hang up and find out, call the company using a number from a letter you had from them or the phone book.
And even this is not 100% safe as they could have stayed on the line, when you hang up.
When you dial again, they are still there and can put another person on the phone to vouch that they were who they said.
To get over that call someone you know and you know the line is clear if THEY reply, or their answerphone replies.
Only then can you call the real company number and check if they are really calling you.


If you have allowed "Microsoft", a free "support company" or ANYONE access to your PC - my advice...

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