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DVBT USB Dongle AF05BDA AF05BDA Afa Tech

DVBT USB Dongle AF05BDA AF05BDA Afa Tech
WCS.Tony - Tue Mar 29, 2016 @ 12:54PM
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Has anyone manage to use one of these on Windows 10 64 bit?

Basically I bought this years ago when FREEVIEW (Digital TV) was staring, to be honest it was more of a toy just to get TV on my old PC and I recorded a few programs and then forgot all about it. Well last week my friend's huge LCD TV packed up and I though he could borrow my USB dongle so that he could at least see TV on his PC.

It quickly became apparent that the drivers that came with this device would not install on Windows 10 and it comes in as UNKNOWN.
When I try to update the drivers using Windows 10 it fails
                  "Windows could not find driver software for your device"
I downloaded various drivers from the web (take care loads of odd downloads / viruses and driver checking software) and manually pointed the driver update to those folders and / or run the setup programs.
So far none of them have worked.

I can run the original BlazeVideo and SichboPVR software but, without the drivers, I cannot find a TV device.

USBDeView shows the dongle

DVBT AF9005 BDA Device Vendor Specific Yes Yes No No 16/05/2010 15:31:36 29/03/2016 13:50:00 15a4 9020 1.00 ff ff ff Hub 1, Port 3 Afatech Technologies, Inc. AF05BDA AF9005 BDA Device AF05BDA.sys MEDIA AfaTech 500 mA 1.10 AF9005 BDA Device AF05BDA oem39.inf USB\Vid_15a4&Pid_9020\5&34a681e0&0&3 Removable, SurpriseRemovalOK

Device instance: USB\VID_15A4&PID_9020\6&30663d42&0&2
Hardware Id: USB\VID_15A4&PID_9020&REV_0100

Yes I know!
I have already set him up to look at catch up TV through the Internet.
But surely there must be a working driver for this dongle?
Or a means of getting the old driver to work in Windows 10?
Would Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider  be any use?


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