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Feedspot (FREE) and annoying upgrade window

Feedspot (FREE) and annoying upgrade window
WCS.Tony - Sun Jan 07, 2018 @ 08:50AM
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I have been using Feedspot for ages but a while ago a pop up window appeared offering me a free upgrade FOR FREE. The problem was that there is no means of turning this screen off, no "X" no "No thanks". As it covers the middle of the screen my free Feedspot was suddenly unusable. Other people were complaining about it but no solution, I even emailed Feedspot - NO REPLY.

So I stopped using Feedspot and went over to the excellent FEEDLY (I also tried INOREADER, G2READER and many more).

Then today I thought that I would just take the free month offer from Feedspot, but it asked me for my credit card number – NO.
And what was that FREE with PayPal or free to pay with PayPal?
Either way I was not giving away my “bank” details.

Suddenly my EUREKA moment. I right clicked on the pop up box and selected Block Element, make sure you have selected the entire popup box, then create on the bottom right and the annoying popup is GONE. I should add thanks to my FireFox add-on uBlock Origin.

I did post this tip on https://feedspot.uservoice.com/forums/169685-gener... but for some strange reason (Feedspot?) the way to get rid of their annoying nag screen did not get published.


They finally answered my email.
Not by allowing me to close the pop-up.
Instead they have very kindly given me free lifetime membership.


But PLEASE allow free users to close the nag screen, even if it pops up each time you open the page. Otherwise you are just annoying all your free users and they will find alternatives. And once you loose a customer it is very hard to get them back!

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