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Password security - why you should register with SPYCLOUD

Password security - why you should register with SPYCLOUD
WCS.Tony - Fri May 04, 2018 @ 07:33AM
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I always recommend that my customers and friends use LastPass (click to register) or another password database.

For one thing it REMEMBERS all your usernames and passwords, this means that you don't have to use one password for everything "to remember". The problem with that approach is that one leak, and there are many huge leaks every day, and hackers have your password and will try it on other accounts. It also saves people writing their passwords in a passwords.docx file or in a little book kept with the laptop etc.

I also advise them to make their passwords more robust than "3658" or "fred" adding upper lower case, special characters and numbers will make it harder to crack. As will the length of the password. Check your password in this web site and then add a "-" or a few more characters to see the difference that can make.



And finally register with the excellent (and FREE for private use) SPYCLOUD. it will monitor your accounts and report back if there has been a security breach and what has been leaked. If required you can then quickly change your passwords and update LastPass.

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