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Windows Update 1803 - problems AGAIN

Windows Update 1803 - problems AGAIN
WCS.Tony - Sat May 05, 2018 @ 10:48AM
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Well for some reason yesterday I decided to update a couple of my PCs.

The laptop sat there downloading 1803 for ages, then asked for a reboot. 

Another long wait while it updated and finally it loaded Windows 10 and asked me to select some options for adverts and what data I would allow - READ WHAT EACH SCREEN SAYS. Once I did all that everything seems OK and Windows is performing well.

SO - I decided to upgrade an old but trusty HP desktop. 

Once again it found the updates and downloaded them all. Then it started installing 1803 which took hours. When I checked again it seemed to have failed and was downloading and installing everything again. After several more hours that also failed with a different error code (0x8024200d and then 0xc0000005). I stopped everything defragmented my disk drive and scheduled a full disk scan at reboot. I found this simple procedure often helped with update failures in the past. After all that, I restarted the Windows Updates again and left the ****** thing to download and install ... and left it and left it.

Just before I was going to bed I realised that the PC was still on, it had installed 1803 and was asking for a reboot. Then it asked me to select the options as above and I was finally back into an updated 1803 PC. Everything seemed to work fine, and it had even fixed an annoying problem where left click on start would not let me select the shutdown options. The pop-up menu disappeared before I could click on any option. I had tried a few "fixes" but none of them had worked and to be honest I was thinking of doing a clean install. 

So I went to bed a happy man.

This morning I rebooted my PC to be presented with a blank screen, the monitor appears to be in standby, but I cannot wake it up. Tried a couple of reboots and much swearing, eventually Windows loaded and seemed to be working fine.

The next time I tried it the mouse pointer was not following the mouse movements properly, it was jerky and seemed to lag behind the my movements. I could hardly use the PC so I tried another mouse. This one was slightly better but I could not do anything. When I opened Word and tried to type I found that some key entries were ignored or auto-repeated for no apparent reason. 

I could not type and I could not use the mouse. THANK YOU MICROSOFT.

Looking on the Internet revealed that loads of other people had these and other issues after updating. I really should have looked more carefully before updating. After a rather laborious session I tried updating the mouse drivers via Device Manager to no effect. I walked away scratching my head and thinking I would have to download Windows 10 and do a clean install after all. A bit of a shame as I have collected loads of very useful free software over the years.

Then I had a brain wave, I had setup remote support to this PC using AnyDesk. So I rushed over to another laptop, opened AnyDesk and clicked on the link I had setup to the HP PC. It came in and the mouse and keyboard on the laptop worked fine on the remote session. I assume that this is because they are not using the device drivers on the PC.

With that I was able to open Drive Booster and do a scan.

That reported that the USB and SOUND drivers needed updating. I selected just the USB and updated – the mouse and keyboard worked. They were not 100% OK but usable. I decided to update the sound drivers as well before rebooting. After that and a reboot the mouse and keyboard are both working fine.

Thank God (or whatever deity you wish) I had AnyDesk and Drive Booster installed otherwise I cannot see how I would have gotten out of this Microsoft generated mess. You would think they would have updated my drivers before (or after) installing 1803?

I must admit that I am beginning to loathe Windows Updates, they take ages and more often than not fail with some error code or other. Then there are all these problems after they update. Personally I have stopped automatic updates on all my computers and run the updates when I decide. After all Mr. Microsoft they are MY PCs. Even then I usually have some problem or other.

I use http://www.thewindowsclub.com/win-update-stop-review to switch the Windows Updates on and off.

BUT be careful you NEED to keep Windows up to date for security. I usually update once a month, just before the new batch of untested updates are released. My hope is that all the “sheep” have found the bad problems and Microsoft have fixed them by then.

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