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HP Pavilion dv95000 screen / booting problems

HP Pavilion dv95000 screen / booting problems
WCS.Tony - Tue Jun 01, 2010 @ 03:40AM
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Over the last few months I have received several of these large 17" laptops.

The symptoms are very similar usually the user sees dots or lines on the screen or the colours are wrong. Sometimes the screen just blanks out all together (black or grey screen) and the laptop will not boot up or boots up every now and then.

HP have accepted that a lot of models in this range have problems with overheating which damages the NVIDIA chip. Unfortunately they do not accept that this is a problem on this range of machines even though they have issued a new BIOS (which just turns the fan on full non stop) and have agreed to fix a lot of other models with the same fault. I have contacted them but all they say is that "this model is not on the list".

One would have thought that a reputable company like HP would have ADDED the model to their list, when thousands of people have the same problem on this model? Just GOOGLE dv95000 screen problems, thousands and thousands of hits. I have spoken to a large repair company and they told me that they've fixed about 2,500 dv9500 Pavilions this year!

HP's solution is to fit a new motherboard costing £400+.

Anyhow regardless of whose fault it is, the problem is that these laptops get hot. Apparently the cooling unit does not quite make contact, or not good contact, with the NVIDIA chip. Over time this heating and cooling results in damage to the tiny solder joints and eventually to the chip itself.

A lot of people report that their laptop works again, after refreshing these solder joint by heating with a heat gun. Yes this can fix the problem, for a while, as the solder is re-melted and makes full contact again. However the chances of damaging other chips is quite high and once it has been "repaired" the inherent overheating problem start all over again.

After much research and trying various options I have found a buyable solution!

  • The laptop is dismantled (in itself not a small job).
  • The NVIDIA chip is carefully removed with special equipment and the board heated in a very carefully controlled environment. The build up of old solder, oxidation and gunk is carefully removed and cleaned.
  • The NVIDIA chip is then re-soldered with NEW solder.
  • The cooling system is modified to ensure that it now WORKS!
  • And finally the whole system is reassembled and tested for 3 days.

However I would still recommend that you buy a suitable laptop cooling tray (see eBay) and use this whenever you use the laptop. I prefer the metal ones, but any cooling tray will do. To be honest I would recommend that you use a cooling tray with ANY laptop. They all suck up loads of dust and pet hair which clogs them up - any sort of tray underneath will help with airflow.

So if your EXPENSIVE DV95000 has stopped working - GIVE ME A CALL.



I've had several mixed results, some laptops work and carry on after the repair but others fail completely after a few months. Not to mention the ones that would not work after the repair. I assume it all depends with how much they have overheated, before the attempted repair, and what damage has already been done.

To be honest if you have this problem you should contact HP through their web site. When the "Help Desk" say NO, do a bit of research and go higher, right up to the MD and complain! In my humble opinion a £500+ laptop should not break down in a couple of years from a design fault. That is not what I call mechandable quality but your PC re-seller and HP may disagree.
Small claims court?

Once again my best advice is to AVOID the problem by using a good quality laptop fan before it overheats.
I quite like these, but there are plenty of alternatives:
    Akasa AK-NBC-33BK Helix 420 Cooler for 17 inch Widescreen Notebook
    Zalman ZM-NC3000S Ultimate 17 inch Notebook Cooler with 220mm fan
See http://thisisoli.hubpages.com/hub/Top-Ten-Laptop-Coolers

If you really want it repaired or my favourite solution to transfer you data to a NEW laptop - contact me.

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