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Please allow me to introduce myself, and my company.

I have worked with computers for over 40 years, running Help Desks and providing technical support and advice to various large companies throughout Europe (IBM, MOD, NHS, Lloyds Register, EMI etc.). Having decided that I no longer wanted to be a roving trouble-shooter, I settled down into early “retirement” and started taking things easy. However I just could not keep away from playing with computers. Naturally this extended to fixing all my friends computer problems. Word quickly got out and I began to spend more and more time helping other people. In order to formalise this arrangement and to be able to charge people I set up Weybridge Computer Services.

Nowadays the average house has as much computer power as many offices, indeed more computer power than my early mainframes, but unfortunately no technical support. People are buying PCs, printers and scanners but have little idea how to set them up or use them. Most home users do what they know … and no more, not understanding or utilising the computers full potential. Expensive software and hardware is just left to gather dust not knowing who to call for help or advice.

So called “Help Desk” numbers ring and ring, cost a fortune (£1/minute?) and even if you can understand what they say - you get very little real help. Problems and error messages are thus often ignored, in the hope that they go away. They don’t, they just get worse!

Added to this, with the fast uptake of the Internet, a lot of households now leave themselves vulnerable to a huge number of virus and spyware attacks. The PC suddenly slows down or you get strange messages popping up, these symptoms must not be ignored. Once your security is breached it’s a bit like a wounded gazelle and a pride of hungry lions! Unscrupulous individuals and companies will be able to target your PC and load more and more viruses. This could allow them to dial prime rate numbers, take over your PC and use it to commit further crimes or capture your personal data such as bank details and passwords.

I have become quite an expert in sorting out these problems and helping to avoid future attacks, however time is of the essence. The quicker I get to the problem (even before it occurs) the quicker and cheaper I can fix it!

There are plenty of PC support companies and shops out there but everyone knows a friend who:

  • was ripped off by one of these companies,
  • paid a fortune,
  • had no idea what work was done or still have the same PC problem.

Well - I can assure you that I will do my best to help you and provide a quality, cost effective, service.

I will turn up, on time, provide impartial advice, resolve your problem and safeguard your valuable personal data.

If the MOD could trust me - so can you!

Keep my number handy, and next time you have a problem, call me!

>>>>>> (see my feedback on YAHOO Local) <<<<<<

Note Jan 2010:
For some reason my Yahoo Local listing has dissapeared and no amount of emails and phone calls has got it back! Rather a shame as I had that entry since about 2001 and it had loads of customer reviews.

I had a screen dump of some reviews and I have posted that here:http://sites.google.com/site/wcstony/copy-of-yahoo-1

Or look at my feedback here


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